Help! My dog chews tissues

A reader writes in with this problem. Can you help?

"My dog is a female, very sweet and about 4 years old. She has been spayed. We have had her for about a year now, and she was a rescue. She hasn't had any behavior issues except for one strange habit. She likes to go into the trash can and take out tissues or toilet paper. Sometimes she will eat used feminine napkins (I know, gross!)

This started when I would leave the house. I never leave her alone for more than 1 hour. But now she gets caught going into the bathroom and bedroom trash cans even when I am home. I would understand if she went into the kitchen trash for food tidbits, but she's not after food, she's after soft paper!

I make sure the doors to the rooms with trashcans are closed when we leave. It's not only used stuff though. If a Kleenex box is left anywhere she can get at it, she pulls one tissue out after another and chews them.

Any idea why she would do this and how I can help her? I'm afraid this could be harmful."

If you can help, please leave a comment below. 

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